Gambling without making a profit might sound like a pointless activity, but I can assure you — people do it, and they don’t care about money. Why? Because they don’t pay, so they don’t have anything to lose or gain. These gamblers care only about the social part and thrill of playing, without the risk of draining their finances. Instead of visiting traditional walk-in casinos, they choose online social gambling games that are free of charge and anxiety.

Gambling for Fun

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Online gambling dates back to the 90s, so it doesn’t seem like something new, but here’s this: it was never ever free. Gambling is based on lending your money and hoping to get back more, that’s why it’s always been a risky activity, associated with danger and deception, bankruptcy and addiction. The social part of gambling has always been overshadowed by the fear of losing money, but the emergence of social media gave an alternative for people who just want to have fun, make some friends and build connections while playing cards, sharing and updating their progress. …

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The response from COVID-19’s gradual recovery will be top of mind for nearly every firm and industry in 2021. Some businesses may become stagnant or never recover. Others will view the shakeup as an unprecedented opportunity to understand and improve their data and analytical assets, operationalize and update their model production process, and reassure customers that their AI can be trusted.

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Everyone is looking to improve over their current BI insights such as a bank improving fraud detection, a healthcare provider shifting to Telehealth, a retailer or manufacturer working to make your supply chain more efficient. Understanding how various industries are planning to use AI to bounce back from the pandemic can help your business thrive in 2021.

#1. Banking

As the world begins its recovery from the pandemic in 2021, dramatic swings will occur across the macro economy. A major theme will be the effects of fiscal stimulus and the reverberations that will be felt by households and larger companies. …

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Quality Assurance specialists should participate in the software development process from the very beginning of the project. It might seem a bit weird for people with no IT background since usually they associate testing with checking a finished product. The question arises — what is QA responsible for when there are no ready functionalities to be checked yet? One of the most important tasks for the QA team at the beginning of the project is requirements testing. In this article, We’ll show you an example of software requirements and explain why testing software requirements is so important.

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We can tell you from my personal experience when talking about Quality Assurance, very often people not familiar with this role have the idea that a QA specialist is just there as the last element in any development to check the quality of the final product. You’ve got a car — you’ve got a person responsible for checking the correct production of certain elements for the vehicle. You’ve got an app — you’ve got a person who checks if the buttons work correctly. Technically yes, but also a big NO. …

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Social media and online gaming were two distinct entities. There was less overlap between the two, the reason being their separate audiences.

Through, the Internet’s emerging power as a tool for entertainment, communication, sharing and dissemination of information has enabled the dawn of a new age.

Years passed and online gaming has undergone several changes. The gaming industry no longer serves a niche market for a single age demographic or customer segment.

Gaming is now a viable way of networking and community building.

The Internet of Things has fast-tracked the exchange of information by allowing players to market their gaming exploits via social media. …

#RemoteEmployee #productivity

With more employees working from home than ever before, productivity is a hot topic among executives and managers. Without being able to see your employees on a daily basis, it can be difficult to tell if they are being productive. Conversely for employees, it can also be difficult to stay on task when there are the distractions of the home environment.

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There are a few ways managers can help ensure the productivity of their employees, and a few ways that employees can improve their own productivity.

How employees can improve their productivity

#1. Dedicated Office Space

Instead of setting up shop in the kitchen or other high traffic areas, make sure you have a dedicated place where you will be able to work. Preferably you would use a place that has a door that can close that won’t need to be accessed by other members of the family. Using space that has a door can help you set up boundaries for the other family members. You can even put something on the door for when you don’t want to be interrupted. …

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What do Mars Climate Orbiter spacecraft and Heathrow Terminal 5 have in common? They were both supposed to be ground-breaking projects, but instead, they brought massive losses. All because small software failures that could have been easily avoided by appropriate testing.

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P.S High-quality products/services are free from basic errors that may cause financial or reputation losses, delivered on time with accordance to business requirements, well documented and supported. That’s a lot to worry about! Fortunately, there is a person, called Quality Assurance engineer, whose job is to take care of those things. Rather than asking yourself do you need a Quality Assurance engineer in your development process, think why your project doesn’t have one yet!

Expensive mistakes

You wanna know what happened to the space probe, don’t you? Climate Orbiter was sent to Mars in 1998 to learn more about the Martian atmosphere and climate. Mission failed because NASA engineering team forgot to convert from English units to metric. …

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Games have come a long way since Pong. Consisting of a single white pixel bouncing across the screen — a crude simulation of table tennis — the 1972 arcade classic was the nascent gaming industry’s first hit.

Since then, games have grown from a niche hobby into a dominant force in the entertainment industry. Last year, Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 grossed $725 million in its opening weekend, eclipsing Hollywood’s weekend box office record: the $640 million blockbuster Avengers Infinity War.

Next-generation games will be bigger than anything we’ve seen yet. While current multiplayer successes like Roblox tout 100 million monthly active users, new MMOs will strive for Facebook’s scale — 1 billion users. That’s because of the way we develop, discover, and play games are rapidly evolving. …

Meet DevOps engineer — the money-saver, the last bastion of software development project, the person who accepts challenges that no one else is willing or able to take on. If you have a feeling that your product is draining your budget and you’re pretty sure it can be done cheaper, you’re probably right. And a DevOps engineer is the right person for the job. In this article, We’ll explain thoroughly what are DevOps engineer role and responsibilities and how they can improve your tech products.

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What is a DevOps methodology?

Let’s imagine that you have a great software development team that prepared a modern and amazing application and you want to share it with the world. But all you have when hosting is concerned is just a simple legacy infrastructure that completely doesn’t fit your needs. It’s not optimized and you aren’t able to recreate it easily again after a crash. Not to mention preparing a new environment. Nobody wants to share embarrassing solutions like that with business partners.

That’s where you should consider and involve an additional team member, an infrastructure commando who is not afraid of new challenges — DevOps Engineer. …

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We compare and contrast different container monitoring tools, and discuss two customer use cases leveraging them. But first, let’s consider the two commonly used Amazon orchestration tools to run containers on EC2 instances — Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). This will help us better evaluate the tools available to monitor them.

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Amazon ECS

Launched in 2014, Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) is a highly scalable, high-performance container orchestration service. It is very easy to get up and running, supports Docker containers, and allows you to easily run and scale containerized applications on AWS.

ECS benefits

  • Very easy to use and adopt — for a long time, it has been one of the easiest ways to get containers running on Amazon, and taking advantage of their services
  • Docker Compose support
  • Supports “Serverless” clusters with AWS Fargate serverless compute engine.
  • Secure by default
  • Performs very well at scale
  • AWS Service integration (i.e., IAM, Parameter Store)
  • Optimized for…

Whether you have just started your business, or are a big name in the marketplace — launching a mobile app can do wonders for you. The last two years have seen incredible growth in smartphone users, incredibly.

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In 2019, American adults used the mobile internet for around 3 hours and 30 minutes per day on average. Zenith, the measurement firm that conducted the study, projected that the number would grow to more than four hours per day in 2021.

A recent study highlights that almost 81% of the users generally conduct an online search for a product or service.

This probably comes as no surprise, given how much mobile apps have grown in popularity since they entered our lives more than a decade ago. In the first quarter of 2020, there were 1.85 iOS apps available in the Apple Store and 2.56 million Android apps in the Google Play store. …



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