Clubs and hotels are not focused heavily at this stage on the changes that have led to increases in play on social gaming apps. There is little opportunity to put a value on the impact of social gaming on clubs and hotels because there are no accurate data results within jurisdictions across Australia for this gaming segment. However, it is clear that many of the major manufacturers (Aristocrat, SG, and more) are now earning more revenue from their social gaming sites than they are by selling traditional poker machines. …

Unless you’re a member of indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation, you’ve definitely used a smartphone with a mobile application or two. Currently, there’s such a boom for mobile apps that their popularity cannot be underestimated. Social and messaging, banking, food delivery, shopping — almost every business wants a mobile app! Of course, we want them to work flawlessly and Roadrunner fast. But how to ensure that when there are several thousand models of mobile devices and various platforms in the world? To make it a bit easier, we’ve prepared this mobile app testing checklist.

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Why do you need this mobile app testing checklist anyway?

What’s the most important thing to do before you release your mobile application to the world? Testing!

The mobile app testing allows determining the quality and condition of the application. As it usually happens in life, you will be surprised by a few factors that you might not have thought about. So it’s always a great idea to make sure your application is highly reliable. After all, you want it to be designed and delivered in accordance with various requirements, so it fulfills its tasks and makes the user satisfied.

The reliability of mobile applications is extremely important to our…

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One might say that cloud will, if not already has, become a standard. According to various statistics, 90% of companies use some type of cloud service, so the business advantages of cloud computing are undeniable. To fully appreciate any cloud computing benefit, you need to take a closer look at your application. With proper optimization and a set of services, you can take your product to the next level. Let’s see what can be done.

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What is cloud computing?

The term cloud computing can be interpreted ambiguously:

  • using unlimited computing resources (CPU, RAM, Disk Space) that cloud provides
  • having your application working in the cloud environment

These two concepts are often confused and lead to misunderstandings over what the cloud is used for. If you were defining cloud as an enormous computing power only, you probably don’t need the cloud anyway — this type only makes sense with huge applications with even bigger algorithms and data processing systems.

Meanwhile, for a long time, the cloud hasn’t been used only because of the increased computing power but for completely different…

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#AMP #MobilePage #DevOps

To implement Accelerated Mobile Pages for your website and track results, there are three basic steps:

  1. Create the AMP page template.
  2. Roll out the AMP pages.
  3. Track with analytics.

We’ll look at each step in detail below, and We’ll also link to AMP official documentation for more info.

Once you have decided which parts of your site should be AMP’d, here are the basic steps to creating, publishing, and tracking AMP pages.

#1. Create the AMP Page Template

The first step in implementing AMP is creating a webpage template.

AMP integrates with many different publishing platforms. You can view the list in AMP’s Quickstart guide and…

#WebDev #WebDevelopment #TechStack #2021

Software developers and companies are always refining their web development stacks based on both market trends and their own experience in order to improve their software development processes and the final product — a web application. But what exactly are web development stacks? Why does choosing the right web development stack for your app matter so much? How to pick the right one? Let’s review web development stack trends in 2021.

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Before we get to the actual web development stacks, let’s make sure we know what we are actually talking about.

What is a web development stack?

The term is quite liberally used online, but generally speaking, web development stack is a set of tools typically used in tandem to develop web apps. A stack can (and is meant to) be used repeatedly to develop web applications. Individual developers, as well as software companies, often specialize in a specific stack or several stacks.

As a potential client of a software company or someone interested in developing a new web or mobile app, you should definitely be interested…

Gambling without making a profit might sound like a pointless activity, but I can assure you — people do it, and they don’t care about money. Why? Because they don’t pay, so they don’t have anything to lose or gain. These gamblers care only about the social part and thrill of playing, without the risk of draining their finances. Instead of visiting traditional walk-in casinos, they choose online social gambling games that are free of charge and anxiety.

Gambling for Fun

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Online gambling dates back to the 90s, so it doesn’t seem like something new, but here’s this: it was never ever free…

#AI #Industries #Pandemic #2021

The response from COVID-19’s gradual recovery will be top of mind for nearly every firm and industry in 2021. Some businesses may become stagnant or never recover. Others will view the shakeup as an unprecedented opportunity to understand and improve their data and analytical assets, operationalize and update their model production process, and reassure customers that their AI can be trusted.

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Everyone is looking to improve over their current BI insights such as a bank improving fraud detection, a healthcare provider shifting to Telehealth, a retailer or manufacturer working to make your supply chain more efficient. Understanding how various industries are planning to use AI to bounce back from the pandemic can help your business thrive in 2021.

#1. Banking

As the world begins its recovery from the pandemic in 2021, dramatic swings will occur across the macro economy. A major theme will be the effects of fiscal stimulus and the reverberations that will be felt by households and larger companies. …

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Quality Assurance specialists should participate in the software development process from the very beginning of the project. It might seem a bit weird for people with no IT background since usually they associate testing with checking a finished product. The question arises — what is QA responsible for when there are no ready functionalities to be checked yet? One of the most important tasks for the QA team at the beginning of the project is requirements testing. In this article, We’ll show you an example of software requirements and explain why testing software requirements is so important.

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We can tell…

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Social media and online gaming were two distinct entities. There was less overlap between the two, the reason being their separate audiences.

Through, the Internet’s emerging power as a tool for entertainment, communication, sharing and dissemination of information has enabled the dawn of a new age.

Years passed and online gaming has undergone several changes. The gaming industry no longer serves a niche market for a single age demographic or customer segment.

Gaming is now a viable way of networking and community building.

The Internet of Things has fast-tracked the exchange of information by allowing players to market their gaming…

#RemoteEmployee #productivity

With more employees working from home than ever before, productivity is a hot topic among executives and managers. Without being able to see your employees on a daily basis, it can be difficult to tell if they are being productive. Conversely for employees, it can also be difficult to stay on task when there are the distractions of the home environment.

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There are a few ways managers can help ensure the productivity of their employees, and a few ways that employees can improve their own productivity.

How employees can improve their productivity

#1. Dedicated Office Space

Instead of setting up shop in the kitchen or other high traffic areas, make…


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